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Drug tests are $20 for a 10 panel drug test. An EtG (long-term alcohol test) is $35; pbt tests cost $3. You can pay with cash, check or credit card.

You don’t have to sign up for drug testing. Drug testing is done on a walk-in basis and can be done during our regular business hours: Monday thru Thursday 10:00-6:00 and Friday 10:00-5:00. Please bring a photo ID and the fax number of where you need the results to be sent. Lab tests take 3-7 business days to get the results. Once we have the results, we will fax them to the place designated. Faxing pbt results require a $1 fax fee.

BASES is not open on weekends or major holidays. If you have to test during these times, contact our office in advance and for an additional $20 cash fee, we may be able to coordinate a pre-arranged time for special testing. Advanced notice is required. If you are on a random basis and find out that morning if you have to test, provided we have staff available for the time frame you are looking for, we will set you up with a staff cell phone number to contact via text if you need to come in that day. This is all done in advance. No last second tests are done.

You can sign up by calling BASES at 231-547-1144 and then request more information about our groups. We have groups for teens, men, and women. Each group meets on different days and at different times.

Call BASES and we will gather all of the information to get you signed up for an assessment. We typically have an appointment available within a few days of the initial contact.

Assessments for teens and adults are $100, outpatient counseling is $100 per hour and driver’s license assessments are $150.

Let us know this information when you call in to set up an appointment and we will get your insurance number and social security number over the phone in addition to other information that we will need. If you need help signing up for public insurance, we can assist you with that process as well. With these publicly funded insurance programs based in our 21 county region, all services, except drug testing, are covered at no cost to the family.

Detox services are only available for ages 18 and up. The closest facility is at Bear River Health in Walloon Lake (231) 535-2822 and next closest location is Addiction Treatment Services in Traverse City (231-922-4810). You can also call the access number for state funded substance abuse treatment at 1-800-834-3393 and find out if you qualify for funding assistance for detox and/or inpatient treatment. When you call the access number during their normal business hours, Monday thru Friday from 8:30-4:30, they will schedule you for a phone assessment that typically takes about 30-45 minutes to find out if you qualify. Each detox facility can do this phone assessment and eligibility screening on their own – call them to see about their hours and availability to complete this step.

If you have private insurance or will be paying out of pocket, you can call the inpatient treatment programs directly. A list of programs is available on the bottom of our home page. If you need financial help to pay for treatment, call 1-800-834-3393 and they will conduct a phone assessment with you that typically takes 30-45 minutes. From there, they will let you know what services you qualify for and where treatment beds may be available.

If mental health is the primary concern, you can call North Country Community Mental Health access number at 1-800-834-3393 or take the person to the emergency room of a local hospital where they will arrange for an emergency mental health screening and evaluation. If substance abuse is an issue along with mental health concerns, you can call BASES during our normal business hours and we will do our best to help you find services that will meet your needs.

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is accredited by CARF International Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) International accreditation demonstrates a program’s quality, transparency and commitment to the satisfaction of the persons served. CARF International is an independent, non-profit accreditor of health and human services. BASES is proud to be accredited by CARF.

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